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Adjutant (910) 450-7103
Deputy S-1 (910) 449-9555
Admin Chief (910) 450-5440
Reserve Liaison (910) 449-9553


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Administrative Procedures

S-1 Marines created this web page in another attempt to best assist Marines of Wounded Warrior Battalion-East as the 01 population continues to shrink and consolidation of personnel administration moves forward. Please take a moment to look through what's available to you here. We welcome your comments for web site enhancement to better assist you.

Dependency Changes

Report All Dependency Changes To The Battalion Immediately:
This is the most frequent (and avoidable) pay problem out there. Months often go by before the Battalion S-1 is informed of dependent changes and it is far too common to hear of a dependency change that occurred over a year ago. The difference is pay is usually significant, retroactive to the date it occurred, and again, avoidable with timely notification. If you gain or drop a dependent, marry an active duty spouse, separate from your spouse for the purpose of divorce (not just "legally separate"), or even relocate your dependents, we need to know to adjust your pay records accordingly and save you the pain of large (or long term) check-ages.

Read Your LES Every Month:

Only you see your LES. If you have a noticeable difference in pay that you didn't expect, something probably isn't right. We hear about the underpayments immediately, but we don't hear about the overpayments. You should know that it's just a matter of time before the overpayment is discovered here or at your next duty station and corrective (retroactive) action must be taken. There is such a thing as a Pay Norm. If that norm is adjusted w/o your knowledge or didn't return to pre-deployment norm after you've been back for more than 30 days, something may have been missed---please contact our Battalion S-1.


Programmers, administrators and disbursers at all levels collaborated to create these web-based applications to assist unit leaders and individuals in accomplishing day-to-day tasks that used to be heavy on paper, inefficient and time-consuming. The Marine Corps has firmly embraced these technologies; they are here to stay and will one day make guys like me obsolete. Until that day, the ever-shrinking PAC administrators will push Marines to use these applications so we can focus more closely on what requires face-to-face interaction (marriages, divorces, deployment readiness, PCS and Separations). Battalion S-1 has resident SMEs and application managers in all 3 of these programs to assist you with access, navigation, and application.