2017 MCT Registration for International Participants

Instructions to Complete MCT Registration

  1. Complete the online MCT Registration Form below
  2. Download and complete the Medical Questionnaire and MCT Waiver and return to wwsports@usmc.mil
  3. Fax the Medical Questionnaire and MCT Waiver to 800-770-9968
Download the WAR-P Medical Questionnaire and MCT Waiver here (Updated Form Posted A/O 19 Jan 2017)

MCT Registration Form

Basic Data
  1. Primary Emergency POC (Name, Phone, Relationship)
  2. Are you staff?  *If yes, you do not need to complete the questions below. If no, and you are an athlete, please complete the rest of the form.

  3. Current Mailing Address

  4. What is your dominant hand?
  5. Do you require a first floor room or elevator access?
  6. Additional considerations the staff should be aware of (i.e. dietary, service animal, wheelchair, Non-Medical Attendant)
  8. Are you bringing any personal sporting equpiment (i.e. racing wheelchair, archery bow, rifle, etc.)?
  9. Have you attended MCT previously? If yes, when?
Sport Choices *You must choose two or Pentathalon. Athletes cannot compete in both volleyball and shooting due to the competition schedule.
  4. Sport 4    
  6. Sport 5    
Public Affairs Information

  1. Are you willing to talk to the media?