Your resume should paint a picture of a focused, dedicated, and well-qualified applicant who will bring instant positive results to the workplace. Use your results from the MOS Translator in Step 3 and the links below to build that resume!

Resume Writing Do's and Don'ts


* Use the Chronological resume format. Here's why:

  • Widely used format
  • Logical flow, easy to read
  • Showcases growth in skills and responsibility
  • Easy to prepare

Click here for Chronological Resume Samples

* Use the links below for tips on how to write a successful resume.

* Use the Resume Comparison Chart (pdf, 49kb) to figure out what resume is best for you

* Read the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) manual for tips on effective job searches, networking, interviewing, and more!


* Make common mistakes when writing your resume. Click here to see what you should avoid.

Resume Examples

Provided below are examples of other resume types, formats, and templates. See if one works for you.

MOS-Specific Resume Samples

Cover Letter and Thank-You Letter Examples

Cover Letter Examples

  • Need to complete your resume with a cover letter? Click here for sample letters-email and hard copy versions.

Thank-You Letter Examples

Resume Writing Services

Would you like some help writing your resume? Click here to find a One-Stop Career Center where one of the 2100 local Veterans' Outreach Program Specialists (DVOP) or Local Veterans' Employment Representatives (LVER) will help you with your resume. Or, you can contact a WWR Employment Specialist who will help you locate a resume writing specialist near you.