Successfully translating your military skills to civilian skills can be difficult and confusing. When you prepare your resume, it is very important to translate your military jobs and accomplishments into something that a civilian employer can understand. Try the resources below to help you with this important step. Don't forget to incorporate your Skills Profile results.

Military Skills Translator

Use the MOS Skills Translator to match your military skills and experience to civilian occupations.

Examples of MOS Skills Translations:

3531: Truck Drivers, Light or Delivery Service

0621: Radio Operator

0311: Infantry

Jobsaurus-The Jobs Thesaurus

Use the Jobsaurus to search Job Titles for an objective for your resume and/or the job descriptions to describe a job you held (e.g., Infantry Rifleman).

If you need additional assistance translating your skills, don't hesitate to contact your WWR Employment Specialist.