Welcome to the Wounded Warrior Regiment Employment Toolbox. This toolbox will help provide you with the necessary resources and support you need to find the career you are looking for. You can use this toolbox on your own, or with the help of one of our WWR Employment Specialists.

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Explore the Toolbox

While you're waiting for a WWR Employment Specialist to contact you, start creating a list of your skills and abilities with the help of the Skills Profiler.

The Skills Profiler steps you through a series of forms that help you create a list of your skills and matches them to job types that need those skills. You can also use your Skills Profile to:

  • Prepare for interviews
  • Write resumes and cover letters
  • Explore further career paths and training options

You will need to plan to spend about 20 minutes completing your skills profile. Make sure you save your work if you need to leave the computer for more than an hour.

Want to continue? Browse the toolbox, where you can learn more about your education and training options, how to translate your military occupational specialty, or how to build your resume.