The Family Readiness Officer (FRO) and Family Support Coordinators (FSC) are members of the unit who provide oversight and coordination of all aspects of family support that impact the well-being and resiliency of Marines and their families.

Support for the Wounded Warrior Regiment families comes through a variety of methods:

What resources are available?

  • Enlighten families through official and Regimental command instruction and information.
  • Encourage and facilitate two-way communication between the Marine, their families and through their commands.
  • Educate families with information and resource options available.
  • Coordinate and host events for Regiment staff, WII Marines and their families.
  • Assist with relocation and local resource assistance.

Pocket Guide to Resources for Caregivers of Wounded, Ill and Injured Marines

Click here to see a list of resources that may prove helpful to address family support needs faced by WII Marines and their family members.

Helpful Checklists

Have you just been informed that your Marine has been wounded, injured or fallen ill? Click here for a helpful checklist to help you as you prepare to travel to bedside.

Contact Us

Wounded Warrior Regiment Headquarters – 703-784-3769

Wounded Warrior Battalion East – 910-449-9646

Wounded Warrior Battalion West – 760-429-8606

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